Savage Gear Structure Gill


Savage Gear has combined a swimbait and a structure jig to create a lure that can be bottom-bounced where swimbaits couldn’t previously be fished. New Structure Gill baits offer a look sure to lure bass, their photoprint finish based on the scan of a real bluegill.

The Structure Gill sits upright on bottom thanks to its buoyant Plastisol construction with triangular lead embedded in the head. Its T-Tail design maintains a lively kicking action with even the slightest motion. The soft dorsal fin helps deflect structure, protecting the hook from snags. 

The Structure Gill is available in three sizes: 2.4 inch (3/8 ounce) priced at $5.99; 3-inch (1/2 and ¾ ounce, also priced at $5.99); and 4-inch (3/4 and 1 ounce) priced at $6.99.