Savage Gear Duratech Dragon Tail Slug


Designed for extreme versatile in application across diverse species and bodies of water, the Duratech Dragon Tail Slug is deadly. Featuring an extreme ribbed body, the Dragontail displaces a large amount of water despite its subtle action, making it a conspicuous bite-sized offering that predatory game fish will hone in on from a distance. Fish it as a jerkbait, on a jig head, Neko rigged, or as a trailer. The asymmetrical design of its tail will produce a subtle kicking action when steady retrieved or an erratic darting action with a pop of the rod tip. Their custom Duratech formulation delivers an extremely soft plastic with durability that ensures it will last through many fish.  

 The Duratech Dragontail Slug comes in 4 and 5-inch options and is available in 12 colors.