Salt content and color options

bass eats wacky-rigged bass fishing trick worm

The salt content of the Zoom Trick Worm makes it such a versatile bait because it helps the bait almost suspend in the water. Rigged weightless, the worm will sink slowly (in part due to the weight of the hook). But still being able to twitch the bait and keep it close to the surface and pause it to let it sink slowly makes for an extremely natural look when compared to an actual worm slowly sinking to the bottom.
As far as colors go, I’m not sure you’ll find another bait with more color options out there. Zoom Bait Company has always been good about offering lots of color options in their bait lineups, but there’s likely not a color you could come up with that they don’t offer in the Trick Worm.

Coming in at $5.49 for a pack of 20, this 6 1/2-inch soft-plastic worm is about as affordable as it is versatile. It’s a long-time staple for most bass fishermen and one you should definitely try if you haven’t already.

The Zoom Trick Worm is available at the following online retailers: