Rubber bands


One of the most annoying things to me when it comes to tackle is reaching in a box to pull out a crankbait and ending up with a string of 20 tangled baits. Then you have to start the jiggle and bounce game to try to loosen them up. One or two fall away but then you inevitably have to get in there and pick them apart.

Want a cheap fix for this on baits with two treble hooks? Simply take a small rubber band and use it to pull both treble hooks up to the body of the bait and towards each. Now this isn’t a perfect solution because the hook points are still exposed and can tangle a little or poke you when you’re digging around for the right bait. And it doesn’t work as well with baits that have an uneven number of treble hooks. But that’s where the next way to keep treble hooks out of everything comes in.