Rounded body


The first thing I noticed about the Culprit T-Rex Worm was its rounded body. Most floating works have a flat side to them; I’ve never really stopped to consider why that is, though. So after doing some pondering, I assume it has something to do with how the bait would glide through the water if it’s rigged weedless and weightless. On most floating worms, it’s common practice to rig the baits with the flat side down, making it the belly of the bait.

The T-Rex has a rounded body but still works well as a weightless floating worm fished along the surface. So I’m not all that sure the flat belly that most floating worms have is all that necessary. It may just be one of those deals where one of the earliest versions of this style bait, the Zoom Trick Worm, had a flat belly and so most of the companies that came along with one afterwards simply followed the trendsetter.

I like that Culprit did something a little different here, making their floating worm rounded. The bait has a nice shimmy on the fall, similar to a soft-plastic stick bait but a little tighter. I’m not sure if this is a result of the rounded body but that’s what I’m going to attribute it to since soft-plastic stick baits typically also have rounded bodies.