Round-bend hooks

bass fishing treble hook

Round-bend hooks were the first trebles to come on the scene decades ago. Their name pretty accurately gives away the main design feature. These trebles have a rounded bend to them, with points running up and parallel to the hook shaft.

These are the hooks you’ll want on your bait if you anticipate having a lot of fish swiping at your lure, so baits like a Spook, wakebait or larger jerkbait for instance. Bass swipe or roll on these baits quite often and don’t actually try to eat the bait on the initial pass. With the turned-in point of Triple Grip-style trebles, this leads to a lot of missed opportunities.

But with round-bend trebles, you have a better chance of one or several of the hook points finding their way into the swiping bass. I’m not implying that you should go around trying to snag a non-aggressive fish with these hooks. Rather, the bass that you hook with these are typically taking a shot at the bait. But they may wise up just before they make the swipe or be a little timid to break the surface on a topwater. Round-bend hooks will help you catch more of these fish.