Round bend hooks


Anytime I’m throwing a bait that fish are prone to slap at, I prefer hooks with a wide opening at the barb. The Hard Knock comes preloaded with three round bend hooks and I was pleased to see that.

I really love the locking power of the Mustad Triple Grip hooks. They do a great job of digging into a fish when you’re using a bait that fish can engulf entirely. But I’ll rarely use them on a topwater unless I can step up a size or two. The reason being, a Triple Grip hook has a narrower gap from point to shaft than a round bend style hook of the same size.

When fish are slapping at a topwater, you often won’t even hook them in the mouth but instead in the top or side fo the head. If the points of the hooks are curled in like they are with a Triple Grip style hook, you lose some of that potential of having the fish hook itself outside the mouth.

Again, when a bait sets up well for it, I will change over to a couple oversized Triple Grips. But for the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock, three well placed round bend hooks are ideal. A bait the same length with two hook hangers wound be where I’d make the swap.