Rotating treble hook on belly of Duo Realis Pencil Popper 148


One feature I found unique and really liked on the bigger of the two sizes of the Duo Realis Pencil Popper (the 148) was that the hook hanger rotates on the belly of the bait. I actually had a double last fall on this bait. The fish hooked on the belly stayed hooked up while the one on the tail twisted and flopped and got off. I thought that was pretty telling on how well that rotating treble held a fish, especially one flopping against another fish on the same bait. The hooks are very tacky sharp high-end Nano trebles. The smaller 110 Pencil Popper has No. 4 hooks and the bigger 148 has 1/0 hooks. They hook really well, even on long casts, which is the whole purpose of this bait.