Rods will be staples for a lot of anglers


So St. Croix set out to make a super solid “staple” rod for a large community of anglers looking for an American made rod, at or under $200, with new technology and materials and wide spectrum of actions, powers and tapers to cover as many styles, techniques and angler preferences as they could in one lineup with these Victory rods. I feel like they are there with these initial introductions. I’m excited to fish with more of the rods after having good experiences with a couple of the rods already. 

They are clean, balanced, sensitive and strong rods at a very fair price. They load well, cast well, fish well and feel right with everything I’ve tried. I’ve skipped a jig really well with the rods, roll casted on isolated targets hit fish on long casts and short pitches with all the control I needed. I can feel the rocks really well dragging a football jig. Hopping a jig felt right on the Full Contact Finesse. 

The Victory rods feel good with both fluorocarbon and braid, alike. So I’m very impressed with what they set out to do with the rods and where they ended up with the Victory lineup. 

You can find Victory Rods online at the following retailers: