finesse bass fishing worm on a drop shot hook

Rigging a drop shot using the Spin Shot hook is a little different but that’s a good thing. With a traditional drop shot, you tie your knot to the eye of the hook and leave a long tag end to run back through the eye and down to where you attach a drop shot weight. With the Spin Shot, there’s less guess work, making it especially ideal for anglers new to drop shotting. Simply tie your main leader line to the eye of the swivel on the top when the hook point is oriented upwards. Then cut off a short piece of line to use for your drop leader down to your weight and tie that on the bottom eye of the swivel.

One additional benefit to rigging your drop shot this way is that you can use a slightly lighter pound-test line now for your weight. So if you choose 8-pound test for the main leader between your braided line and your hook, you can choose 6-pound test to use for that last foot or so of line between your hook and your weight. This gives you the chance of breaking your line between the hook and the weight prior to breaking off your whole rig. I’m not suggesting you want to go through a bunch of tungsten drop shot weights this way, however. Instead, I’m pointing out that it’s better to lose the weight and that last foot or so of line when you occasionally hang up rather than lose your whole setup and have to re-rig starting with just your braided main line.