Ribbed throughout


The whole body of the T-Rex Worm is ribbed also. The ribs on this worm are kind of conical, meaning they look like cones stacked on top of one another… like a stack of traffic cones or Dixie cups. The ribs start at the nose of the bait and then rise and fall as you make your way towards the tail of the worm.

These ribs may also be responsible for the way the bait shimmies on the fall, instead of the round body like I asserted in the beginning of this review. Or perhaps it’s a combination of both. It’s hard to say for sure unless you were involved in the product development of a lure like this where you would have been able to see how different variations of the bait fell through the water. Regardless, the action of this worm rigged weightless is pretty nasty-a good, tight shimmy that would probably prove a little too enticing for any onlooking bass to resist. But weightless isn’t the only way to rig it.