Resists abrasion well


I’ve rigged a few of my cranking rods with 12-pound Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line and have really enjoyed the abrasion resistance of it. I crank a lot of rocks and dock posts throughout the entire year. I’m always rubbing my squarebill line against riprap, chunk rock, nails protruding from dock posts, sharp metal jetski lifts and all kinds of other stuff. I normally retie more than a dozen times throughout an average fishing day.

This line, however, allows me to retie about half as much. Now, I haven’t counted or anything, but it has been a really good option for me whenever I’m fishing around jagged cover.

I’ve also had to pull some fish over the cross braces underneath wooden boat docks and for a lot of lines, that can cause a lot of trouble in a hurry. So far, I’ve had absolutely no issues with line breakage or anything of the sort.