Removable cups reduce premature wear and eliminate tangles

bass fishing crankbait in tackle box

The Flambeau Crank Bank is much different than you’re likely used to when it comes to crankbait storage. Most of us are used to stuffing ’em in a crowded tackle tray and spending a bunch of time shaking and jiggling ’em in an attempt to untangle them from one another. This new system, however, incorporates 24 removable cups that provide super quick access to individually stored hard baits. The premise of this design was to eliminate obnoxious tangles and unnecessary hook rash.

I’ve found the Crank Bank to be quite useful for storing my favorite and “special” crankbaits. Whatever crankbaits I use most often are most likely going into one of these containers. Not only do these removable cups protect some of my more expensive hand-painted baits but they also allow me to change crankbaits very quickly. I’m not having to mess with treble hook tangles and all of that stuff… I just grab one of these cups, dump the crankbait out onto my front deck and retie.

This particular design seems to work best for shallow and mid-depth crankbaits. From what I can tell so far, this box will fit anything smaller than a Rapala DT16 crankbait. Once you get up to those big, deep-running plugs, you’re going to have a hard time getting the lid shut. I’ve also tinkered with shallow-diving jerkbaits and they also seem to work quite well in the Crank Bank.