Reinforced hinges


They have a double-hinge construction that is reinforced to resist tearing. These bluegill swimbaits swim well at a medium to fast retrieve. I’ve fished the 4-inch a lot just under the surface on a fast retrieve as a wakebait to catch most of my fish around bank grass. 

They 4-inch bait, however, does not swim well at a slow speed. If you slow down too much, the tail will quit kicking, and it will roll up on its side. So if you are wanting to fish it ultra slow, this will not be a good setup for you. 

But I love how it fishes at speed. When you get it up to a certain speed, it vibrates more than a lipless crankbait. You can really feel and see what the bait is doing. That has been how I fish swimbaits anymore. I’m waking the bait for a reaction and to cover water and draw fish.