Reflective mid-section

topwater bass fishing lure

Yo-Zuri’s “patent-pending internal 3D prism technology” gives many of their baits a unique flash compared to lures from other companies; the Pencil 100 is no different. As the light shines through the ribbed body of this bait and bounces off the mirrored surface within the lure, it kicks back out in a wide array of colors.

This is very similar to what you would see if you looked at sunlight as it hits the tiny scales of a baitfish, like a shad for instance. The scales are so small and tightly stacked one on top of the other, that a shad’s body looks to be one reflective surface. The 3D prism technology that Yo-Zuri uses to create several of the color offerings in this bait’s lineup does a great job of mimicking that natural look.