Reel is tight and smooth on cast and retrieve


 I’ve found the casting to be very smooth with this reel. It does feel a bit different on the cast as is to be expected, but the line flows off the reel really well and is really quiet. I’m curious to see since they don’t use ball bearings if you ever get whirring and whining on these reels. I have not seen that with mine so far. I’ve actually been most impressed by how quiet and smooth it is on the retrieve. While the casting is a bit different, so is the retrieve, only in a really good way. I feel like you could fish a 1/8 ounce lure on this reel and still be able to feel what it was doing without worrying with the reel overpowering a light bait like some baitcasters do. 

I’ve been really impressed with this reel for skipping applications. I’ve been using it to skip under docks with swimbaits and jigs. It handles really well. I thought the reel was really easy to get tuned and I honestly haven’t messed with it much since first setting it up. I’m pretty impressed with the reel thus far for how well it has fished around shallow to precise targets. I think maybe part of that is because the reel feels so small in your hand and sits down so low on the rod.