Recessed foot pedal

recessed trolling motor pedal tray on bass boat

The next thing you’ll notice is the recessed foot pedal of Neal’s trolling motor. Most boats these days come with cavities in the front deck so your trolling motor foot control can be “recessed”, or mounted flush with the floor.

Neal bought this boat before that era came about and the foot pedals back then were simply mounted on the floor of the boat. But in order to run a foot-controlled trolling motor the old fashioned way, one foot has to be elevated eight or 10 inches off the floor while the other one stands flat.

Again, with Neal’s bad knees, this was causing some problems.

So Neal went online and ordered himself a recessed foot pedal tray, cut a hole in the deck of the boat and mounted the tray with some screws. It’s really about that simple to do. A word of advice though if you want to try this—make sure the tray you order will fit your particular trolling motor pedal. The trays aren’t all necessarily created equally but you should be able to find a list of compatible trolling motor models for each tray.