Rate of fall


This is where trailer selection really starts getting interesting. Rate of fall, or ROF, is a term used a lot in the big swimbait world. It refers, quite obviously, to the rate at which a bait falls. This factors heavily into fishing a swim jig for suspended fish in open water as well. If you put a craw-style trailer and a swimbait-style trailer on two identical swim jigs, the one with the swimbait will fall faster.

This is because the two craws on a craw-style trailer create more resistance than the single tail of a swimbait. So if you’re wanting to get your bait down to 10 feet, you’re going to be able to do that quicker with a swimbait. I get it; waiting another second for the bait with the craw-style trailer to reach the same depth doesn’t really seem like that big of an inconvenience… and it’s not. But that’s not where the differences end; that’s where rate of stall comes in.