Rate of fall


The rate of fall (ROF) of the AGB is ROF-4. That means the bait will fall 0.4 feet per second. The Arashi Swimmer has an ROF-8, twice that of the glide bait. So where glide baits are intended to slowly lumber along, just under the surface to lure big bass out from behind cover, the Arashi Swimmer is meant more for open water, windier days when you need a bait with a more aggressive action that can be used to target suspended fish that are more spread out.

The ROF of a bait like this is so important because it drastically increases or decreases the amount of work that has to go into using one of these baits to catch a fish. If you want to get your bait down 10 feet below the surface to target fish that are suspended, you would throw the Arashi Swimmer out and count to about 12 seconds, then start your retrieve. If you wanted to target the same fish with the AGB, you’d have to count to 25. And as soon as you start your retrieve, the wider-swimming AGB would be fighting to make its way to the surface. Where you could fish the Arashi Swimmer at the same speed and keep the bait down better.