Quickly becoming a go-to for my pitching and flipping


My home lake has become Georgia’s go-to tournament lake in recent years. All those folks from Atlanta come down and absolutely pound on this lake every weekend. They’re not doing anything wrong but it sure is making this a much tougher lake. It has completely changed in the past few years. 

When I used to be able to pitch a jig and big creature bait most of the year, I seem to be having the most success with pitching stick worms on a very lightweight Texas rig lately. It took me a while to get confidence in this because heck… these type of worms don’t look like a whole lot in the water.

I’ve tinkered with The General a good bit in clearer water and I’ve learned that it has a really nice shimmy to it as it falls. The bigger the weight you use, the more you’re going to kill that action, so keep that in mind. But it’ll even have a spiral fall at times which get a pile of bites whenever I’m fishing shallow cover; especially vegetation. 

So although it may not look like much (it’s hard to take creative photos for these reviews), trust that it does look very subtle and natural in the water.