Quality cork

falcon bass fishing rod

While I do like an EVA grip on some of my rods, I tend to lean a bit more towards cork grips on my spinning rods. Weightlessness doesn’t really matter as much to me when I’m throwing a frog or flipping a jig but when I’m twitching a weightless wacky rig or dragging a tiny Ned rig around in a pond, I think a lightweight spinning rod is important. I haven’t physically put EVA and high-quality cork on a scale but in my mind, the cork feels a bit lighter and seems to transmit more sensitivity.

The cork that’s featured on the Cara Spinning Rod is super high quality and doesn’t pit or stain easily. I’ve fished with this reel for several months and caught a lot of bass with it and I haven’t noticed any discoloration yet. And as I mentioned, I feel like it lets me detect the subtlest of bites with ease.