Puncture resistant and a hassle-free zipper

Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL

You can put just about anything you want to inside this bag. Personally speaking, my wife and I put our cell phones, snacks, mobile chargers, wallets, any paper documents and sunscreen in it most often. But as I stated earlier, I will also throw a few baits in here on the occasion I get a short-notice invite from a friend to fish after work. You can put scissors, hooks or anything else sharp inside this bag without worrying about puncturing the fabric or transparent window. You definitely don’t have to baby this bag. Throw it in a boat compartment and go have fun.

I’ve also really liked how well the zipper functions. That might sound a little lame at first but I’m sure you’ve dealt with a poorly functioning zipper on fishing gear before. It’ll get caught up in stuff, let water in, get snagged on fabric and when you finally get mad enough and yank the zipper in an attempt to get the compartment shut, the dang thing will break and you’re out 20-something bucks.

The Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL has a really solid zipper that doesn’t snag whatsoever. You won’t find yourself messing around with it and struggling to close the bag. It operates correctly the first time, every time.