Punching with the Black Bean Rig

black bean rig for bass fishing

Punching matted vegetation is a great way to catch big bass in Florida, as well as in other places around the country. In practice, Frink found that he could get a lighter Black Bean weight to go through the matted vegetation than he could a tradition bullet style punch weight.

“I had an 1 1/2-ounce Texas rig punch weight rigged up too,” said Frink. “And I was getting the one ounce (Black Bean) weight into a lot of places that that ounce and a half would go through.”

Because of the design of the Black Bean weight, the line doesn’t drag on the cover like it does with a traditional bullet-style punch weight. When pitching a traditional punch weight, the weight falls through the air and quite often, hits the cover horizontally. Since the line enters a traditional weight from the pointed end, it drags across the cover and slows the bait down, even catching on the cover and preventing the bait from going through the mat clean.

With the Black Bean weight, the line comes through and back out the top of the weight, allowing the bulk of the weight to hit the mat first and eliminating a lot of the resistance of the line on the mat. This allowed Frink to use a lighter Black Bean weight, as opposed to a heavier traditional punch weight to get through the same cover.