Pull up bar and handrail

pull up bar and handrail in bass boat

Neal fished on his own up until a couple months before he passed. As I previously mentioned, he was a Marine and a hard worker. Both took a heavy toll on his knees over the years, resulting in double-knee replacement. A few years ago, he started having a hard time getting up and down out of the driver’s seat but was bound and determined to continue to fish and fish alone when he wanted to.

His solution? Neal mounted a metal pole to the side of his console, attaching it to the floor with a metal plate.

He could then reach up from the seat, grab the pole and pull himself up to a standing position. That worked well enough until last year, at which point Neal had to create a handrail to help him make his way to the front deck, connecting the metal pull up bar to the pedestal of the seat in the front of the boat.

You see the evidence here that Neal was bound and determined to fight to fish. If you’re getting to the age something like this might help you, Neal would be tickled for you to try it and I hope it helps. Knowing how hard he fought just to get to go definitely makes me appreciate my health all the more and inspires me not to waste it.