Proven to be a better bait for the job


I review a lot of products. And I always make it a point to spend enough time using each product to be able to give an informed opinion. That commitment though can make the overall attempt to review a product a week a little daunting. But the sweet little wins in this game come when I find a product that has slipped through the cracks somehow. A bait that isn’t new, but somehow the other writers and myself here at Wired2fish have overlooked reviewing it for awhile. It doesn’t happen often, but that’s the case with the Nichols Skipper Jig. I started using it a couple years ago and it quickly nabbed a spot in my arsenal that had previously been occupied by inferior baits.

There have been jigs I’ve found along the way that come through cover really well and honestly skip decent, but rarely one that would do both. And even in the best case, the skipping part was always the limiting factor. Those jigs were a chore to skip. This thing is a delight. I don’t know exactly what the difference maker is, and I’m sure Nichol’s wouldn’t want us to be able to figure that exact design characteristic out anyway. But whatever it is about this bait, it skips really, really well with minimal effort.