topwater bass fishing lure in bass mouth

Well for starters, to make sure you know exactly what we’re talking about here, a twin prop bait has a prop on the front end and one on the back end that spin and throw water as the bait is twitched along the surface. This is a more finesse prop bait when compared to the likes of the Whopper Ploppers and Choppos.

You don’t want to reel this bait like you would one of those other two, either. Instead, you simply twitch the bait along and let the props do the work. The Rapala Prop 11 has two well-fashioned metal props that do a good job of spitting water as the bait is twitched along. The props have a little curl to the tip of them to help catch the water and really churn on the twitch. The chrome flash as the props spin adds another level of attractant to the bait.