Prop bait

bass fishing lure prop bait

For as long as anyone’s been letting secrets slip, it seems like one of the first to get out concerned the effectiveness of a twin spin-style prop bait during the early spring in Florida.

Baits like the Rapala X-Rap Prop or the Bagley Balsa BangOLure Topwater Twin Spin Propbait are both extremely effective when fishing around shallow spawning flats with scattered vegetation in the country’s most southern state.

But this bait shouldn’t be relegated to Florida fishing alone. It’s a great bait to use around the country and is one fo the first topwaters I’d recommend trying wherever you’re fishing when the water temps start to sneak up into the upper 50s. As the bass move up to spawn, they’re looking to feed and especially on warmer days, they’re not afraid to break the surface of the water to do it. A prop bait is intended to be twitched along at a fairly slow cadence. This stop-and-go action causes the bait to hover in a bass’s face just a little longer than it can stand it, which makes it one of the best topwater baits to get bit on in the early spring.