Prop and clacker

topwater bass fishing lure

This is what really sets this bait apart from any other out there that I’ve seen. There’s a small metal prop, similar to what you’d see on a buzzbait, tucked up inside the belly of the bait. Just above that prop there’s a small metal plate the prop can bang up against. As I walked the bait, the prop would spin and spit water while also clacking against the little metal plate, creating a unique sound compared to any other topwater out there.

The bait has kind of a rudder-style keel to it. I assume this bait was designed this way to make room for the prop and clacker and also aid in the bait’s ability to walk. Just attaching a prop to the bottom of a walking-style topwater would probably create all sorts of problems when trying to walk the bait. So 13 Fishing worked the bait design out to have this rudder style belly so there was room for the prop and so the bait could still be walked really easily.