Profile and tail

bass eats glide bait

The Glidesdale has a great overall size and profile. At 6.6 inches long and 2 1/2 ounces, this bait is a big bait that you can bomb cast but not a massive bait. It’s large enough to draw the attention of a bass but still small enough to represent a wide range of bait fish and not pose a threat to a bass. The top and bottom fin really break up the otherwise streamlined design of the Glidesdale and give it a good look in the water.

I have been particularly impressed by the tail of the Glidesdale. With many glide baits, even the high-dollar ones, the tails can be easily torn, lost, bent or otherwise damaged. This takes a big toll on the overall look and action of the bait and typically requires a replacement tail to make the bait effective again. The material 13 Fishing went with on this tail is flexible but super durable. Although I’ve actually stored this bait poorly a couple of times and pulled it out to find the tail had a bad bend in it, after laying the bait out for a little while I’ve found that the tail has returned to its original shape every time.