Profile and presentation


When choosing a swim jig trailer, it’s best to start by simply looking at what you’re trying to do with it. It sounds obvious but as you’ll see in a few minutes, there are several other factors that can go into making the selection a good bit trickier. So for starters I like to think about what forage I’m trying to mimic and then choose a trailer that will best help me create that profile.

When trying to mimic a threadfin shad or herring in open water for instance, it makes since to go with a swimbait. When fishing in thick vegetation however around the boxier-shaped bream and bluegill, it makes more sense to go with a craw-style trailer.

The more compact profile of a craw-style trailer also works better in dense vegetation since a fish is going to have a tight window to ambush a swim jig in that setting; there’s less material for the fish to miss. Where in an open water scenario, the fish will typically stalk down a bait from behind. The swimbait tail does a great job in that situation of wagging in a fish’s face and then talking the fish into chasing it down and overtaking it.