Price point, consistency and design

bass fishing worm and bass fishing reel

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the Netbait C-Mac is its price point. Both a 9-pack of the 11-inch version and an 8-pack of the 15-inch version come in at a stellar price of only $4.29 per pack.

Compared to several of the other big ribbon-tail worms on the market, Netbait really puts a lot of product in each pack for that price. The soft plastic Netbait uses also has a good consistency to it and the design of the worm has a great taper from body to tail. These two factors help ensure the C-Mac has a good action while also cutting down on the number of tails lost to short strikes.

Short strikes are still something you’ll want to pay attention to though with this worm. Both versions of the bait are longer than your average soft plastic, so you’ll need to give the fish a few seconds to get the whole bait in their mouth before setting the hook. And the hook you use will likely need to be in the 6/0 to 7/0 range, preferably an EWG (Extra Wide Gap) hook in my personal opinion. These are monster hooks, but even still they hardly cover a third or even a quarter of the worm depending on which version you go with.