Presentation strategies


Grigsby’s swim jig philosophy is a broad one: From timber, to docks, to grass, to isolated pad clumps, any bit of cover is good cover. Amid vast fields of grass or pads, he’ll look for points, cuts and anywhere a hungry fish would likely position to feed.

Retrieve speed is typically determined by water clarity, weather, time of day — the factors impacting visibility. When fish can get a good, long look at passersby, Grigsby’s gonna step on the gas to make ‘em decide. Conversely, when bass need their eyeglasses, slowing down yields more connections.

As for retrieve style, Grigsby’s somewhere between a steady wind and the Alabama Shake. Neither is wrong, he said —- unless that’s all you do.

“Whatever you do, break it up so it looks different,” Grigsby said. “Think about a squarebill deflecting off a stump — it doesn’t do that all the time.”