PowerPro Ice-Tec Line


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The product development staff at PowerPro offer anglers ICE-Tec, a PTFE-coated braided ice-fishing line that resists water to prevent line freeze.

ICE-Tec braided line is available in 50-yard spools in 5-, 8-, 10- and 15-pound test. PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene – is the ideal lubricant for ice-fishing line, notes PowerPro division president Konrad Krauland. “Being that PTFE is hydrophobic, water simply will not attach to the line so there is little if any freezing,” said Krauland. “That’s the one key complaint you hear
from ice anglers – the ICE-Tec braided line provides more fishing time being you’ll be spending less time cleaning ice out of the rod guides.”