Power and Finesse in One


While they are introducing new rods with the Victory Rods they are also introducing new technology and even new rod build outs in terms of power, action and taper combinations that St. Croix has never done before. 

So when they sent me the list of rods that were coming out, the Full Contact Finesse rod stood out to me. That sound like a rod where I could be stealthy fishing around shallow cover but be able to crack a big one when he bit on a stump or a laydown tree or under a dock. 

They are able to achieve that perfect blend of power and finesse because they actually blended two of their best materials into a new material they are calling SCIII+. It combines SCIII materials found in Avid, Mojo Bass rods with SCVI materials which are super high modulus exotic makeups that have to be blended with other graphite materials to provide more backbone and power without losing finesse actions and sensitivity.