Pop and walk

topwater bass fishing lure in bass mouth

This is a really easy bait to work whether you want to pop the bait along or walk it. It has what I’d consider a medium pop or chug to it. It’s not really what I’d consider a finesse popper but it also doesn’t have a super aggressive, big chug to it. Just a nice little chug on a moderate twitch of the rod tip.

I was really surprised with how easy this bait is to walk. My favorite poppers all walk really well, too. I like to be able to pop a bait along sometimes and then walk it sometimes, especially if I’m fishing around targets where there’s a tight strike zone or if a fish comes up and misses the bait. If you’re fishing with a popper that you can walk well, walking the bait in place will often generate a follow-up strike from a bass that missed it on the first swipe.