Pondweeds- Patamogeton


Variable leafP. diversifolius
American P. nodosus
IllinoisP. illinoensis

There are several pondweed species found throughout North America. Most of the pondweed species will have flaccid, submerged stems with non-flaccid emerged parts and floating leaves. Both submerged and floating leaves will resemble traditional leaves with an oval or elongated shape and a glossy appearance.

Stems extending out of the water column may contain small fruit commonly consumed by waterfowl. Pondweeds are typically located in shallower water in fairly dense growth patterns. Floating leaves form a thin canopy easily punched and fish use both the edge and internal parts around stems.

Go-to presentations: Topwater presentations and weightless plastics can be a great way to cover water quickly. It can be stringy, so it’s a bit more cumbersome to rip fast-moving lures through pondweeds.