Pockets galore

pockets in a rain suit for fishing

This suit is loaded with well-placed pockets. There are two large pockets on the front of the bibs and another five scattered around the jacket. The bib pockets are big enough to store small tools or maybe a pack or two of soft plastics while you’re on the water. And the jacket pockets are all well placed for specific uses. There’s a pocket on the chest of the jacket where I like to keep my phone, but there are also two pockets inside the jacket which make for good places to keep your phone or other valuable items that you don’t want exposed to the elements.

Then there are two large pockets on the exterior of the jacket as well that can be used to warm your hands on a cold day. These pockets are also large enough to hold a pack of soft plastics if you’d like. And they zip up to ensure nothing bounces out of them on the boat ride and no water gets in on a rainy day. Both these pockets and the chest pocket, which also zips closed, have an additional flap that covers the zippers to add another layer of protection and offer some protection in inclement weather if you want to leave any of these pockets unzipped.