Pill bottle for terminal tackle


This is the one that first sparked the idea for this piece; taking medicine bottles and using them to store terminal fishing tackle. While this could certainly come in handy on a boat as well, I think this little hack really lends itself well to kayak and bank fishermen. If I’m walking the bank of a creek, I pretty much know what I’m going to be using for the day and only really need a couple handfuls of tackle in case I break off. This little hack allows me to throw a few weights in one of these pill bottles and a few hooks in another, tuck them away in my pocket and I have all the terminal tackle I need for the day in a fairly water-resistant container.

These are also handy to keep in the big boat for discarding used treble hooks. I have a bad habit of replacing treble hooks on a bait and then just tossing the old ones on the step of the boat or in a tackle box, which is obviously a recipe for disaster. Keep one of these little pill bottles in the boat and you have a designated place to store your spent hooks.