Personal experiences and conclusion


As I stated at the onset, I’ve used this bait a lot over the years. There are several trailers out there now similar to the Zoom Split Tail, some of which I like a lot. But Zoom was one of the first to offer this style of soft plastic and their version has been around as long as I can remember. Rigged on the back of a double Colorado spinnerbait, I’ve caught hundreds of fish on this lure and dozens over 4 pounds. That combination was one of my favorites for years.

Because of the introduction to my personal arsenal of big willow leaf spinnerbaits and ChatterBaits, I’ve moved away from using that spinnerbait combo in recent years. But I’d still feel just as confident today rigging one up with a Zoom Split Tail Trailer to head out in search of a big bite. However, the versatility of this bait prevents it from being limited to only a spinnerbait. It’s equally effective on the back of a buzzbait and ChatterBait as well.

Made out of a durable but also flexible material, the compromise results in a good dose of action and longevity. And with color choices that give you a complementary trailer for almost everything you could want to do with it, this is an old classic that I’d recommend giving a shot if you haven’t already. The Zoom Twin Tail Trailer is a part of a lot of fond memories for me, it can be for you as well.

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