Perfect for a wide range of techniques

bass fishing rod blank

I could go into the complicated details regarding the design of this rod, but man… these St. Croix folks are on another level when it comes to the design of their rods. So here’s a link if you really want to dive deep into the specifics of these rods. In this review, however, I’d rather focus on my personal experience with ’em and let you make your own decision.

These Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods come in 16 new models and I don’t believe they’ve forgotten or overlooked a single technique. While I’ve only tried a handful of them, I’m incredibly impressed by how detailed they made these different models. Whether you’re wanting to throw small crankbaits, frogs, punching rigs, deep crankbaits or anything in between… you’re totally set with this rod series.

I’ve been using the pictured rod for squarebills, lipless crankbaits, smaller spinnerbaits and ChatterBaits with outstanding success. The action is crisp and you can feel every single movement your bait makes.