Perfect for a bunch of different storage needs


As you can see, I chose to be a little more terminal tackle-focused with my Plano EDGE 3500 Box but by all means, you don’t have to use it the same way I do. 

This is going to be an outstanding storage option for panfish and crappie fishing, in my opinion. I don’t chase those species near as frequently as I chase bass, so I don’t need a big ol’ tackle box for that type of fishing. You can fit just about anything you could possibly need for targeting panfish in this single box. Even better, it doesn’t take up a bunch of room so you can put it in a kayak, Jon boat, canoe or backpack. 

I’ve also thought about getting another one to store fuses, wire connectors and other emergency boat items. It would also be an excellent choice for a small first-aid kit. It’s totally waterproof so I can shove it in one of my back storage compartments and never worry about the contents getting wet.