Perfect belly hook placement


How many times have you made the perfect cast just to have it ruined by the front treble hook? If it’s placed too far forward on the crankbait, it’ll get fouled on the bill and if it’s placed too far back, it’ll snag the rear treble hook and cause your plug to look like a wounded duck. If you use crankbaits enough, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Thankfully, I’ve found that the Bay Rat Lures Battle 1.5 is near perfect in regards to hook placement. You can try all you want, but the No. 4 trebles will not get caught on each other or the bill; even when you’re casting into a stiff breeze. This results in practically zero wasted casts, which increases your efficiency when covering large areas. These hooks are also fairly large for a 2 1/2-inch crankbait, which has helped me catch several fish that have merely “swiped” at the lure.