Perfect bait keeper and location

bait keeper on bass fishing rod

This one won’t seem all that significant to some and honestly it’s not a make-or-break thing for me when it comes to purchasing a rod. But because this bait keeper is perfect in my opinion, I thought it was worth noting. For starters, this keeper allows you to easily secure an exposed hook bait, like a jig or spinnerbait, by simply running the hook point through the keeper.

But you can also secure a soft-plastic bait without having to remove the hook from the plastic by sliding the bend of the hook under the tip of the keeper and pulling up. This keeps you from having to re-rig a soft plastic every time you pick the rod back up. The positioning of the bait keeper on the front of the blank is also perfect, so your line isn’t constantly snagging the keeper when trying to pop a bait undone. This happens a lot with bait keepers like this that are on the back of a rod.