Perception Showdown 11.5

perception showdown 11.5

Developed to excel on lakes, rivers, and quiet coasts, the modernized Showdown pedal drive kayak boasts a host of impressive premium features. An elevated framed mesh seat provides a greater line of sight and promotes airflow to keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long you’re on the water. Silent traction pads provide added grip for stability while also dampening sound for fishing. Generous storage and accessory mounts ensure that your gear remains safe, secure, and organized while allowing you to enjoy hands-free fishing. This sit-on-top fishing kayak can be customized to be your best fishing kayak for years to come. With front and rear gear storage areas, double barreled rod holders, rudder controlled pedaling and rock steady stability to stand or sit and fish, this kayak checks a lot of boxes for functionality in a fishing kayak.

Length: 11 feet 6 inches | Weight 90 pounds | Capacity: 450 pounds | Propulsion: pedal | $2,129

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