Pen and pencil holder for soft plastics


There are only a few soft plastics that I use enough of for something like this to come in handy. But for baits like the Missile Baits D Bomb and Strike King Ocho, I can pack a whole bunch into one of the little pencil holders that you’d find on the kids’ school supplies aisle for a dollar. These will hold a few packs of baits as well in their original packaging if you’d just like to have a cheap storage option for the kayak. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend storing terminal tackle in one, as they’re a far cry from waterproof.

So there you have it; 10 household items you can use to get yourself out of a jam or simply fish on a tighter budget if you need to. I encourage you to look around the house as well and see what else you can come up with and then let us know if you figure out a good hack.