Peanut butter and jelly jars

jar with fishing trash inside

When we’re in the boat, kayak or fishing from the bank, it’s a good idea to keep an old plastic peanut butter or jelly jar on hand. This makes for a great little trash can that can be cleaned out between trips.

Whether we’re changing out treble hooks, re-spooling reels or swapping out soft plastics, there’s always a little trash accumulating when we’re fishing. The tendency for some of anglers is to throw that 4-foot section of line, that used soft plastic or that spent hook into the water.

This is obviously not a good idea and can be detrimental to a fish. Imagine a bass swimming along and seeing that shiny treble hook on bottom. In an instant the fish sucks it up and now has to die a terribly slow and painful death. Even if it happens to inhale the hook just right to swallow it, there’s no chance it comes out the other end smoothly as well—I cringe just thinking about that one.

It’s best just to keep an old plastic jar with us for these little bits of trash and it’s safer in the long run for us as anglers, guaranteeing we won’t find a stray treble hook lying around with our foot.