Pairing the right Rage Tail Craw color with your jig

bass fishing jig

If you’re using this bait as a jig trailer, I like to match the colors of the craw and the jig most of the time. I’ll go with a craw similar in color to my jig basically anytime I’m trying to imitate a crawfish with a football, ball head, pitching or casting jig. When I’m swimming a jig around shad, I like to go with a similar color trailer to my jig too, both in white for instance.

If I’m using a swim jig around bluegill and bream I like to break it up, so I’ll use a green trailer with a black and blue jig for instance. This imitates the bright tail of bluegill well.

I’ll also break the colors up a bit when flipping a jig in muddy water, selecting something like a blue sapphire Rage Tail Craw to go on the back of a black and blue jig. I believe the contrasting colors catch the fish’s eye better in mud. But if I’m simply dragging a jig, I like for the trailer and Rage Craw to match so the whole package stands out better against the bottom of the fishery.