Painting baits


A not-so-common but very effective use of toothpicks enters the conversation by way of painting baits. When touching up or customizing lures, especially as it pertains to the finer details. A toothpick gives you a cheap utensil with which to paint that can be discarded each time you want to change colors.

Fingernail polish is also great for touching up or customizing baits. Naturally, each bottle of nail polish comes with its own little brush. Using this brush for the broader strokes and toothpicks for the finer details makes short work of the process and there’s no cleanup necessary since the brush stows away in the nail polish bottle and the toothpicks can just be thrown away. In addition to painting, toothpicks can also be used to precisely apply glue if you’re wanting to reattach an eye or mend a swimbait without making a mess.