Overthinking colors


Every angler in the world is guilty of overthinking things at some point. In regards to cold-water cranking, it’s especially easy to get spun out. You’re not always going to get a bunch of bites doing this, so those hour-plus lulls in the action can make you start doubting yourself. 

Whatever you do, don’t start losing your mind about your crankbait’s color. For all the years I’ve known him, Walters’ favorite crankbait has been a Rapala DT 6. If you stick to three primary patterns in that lineup, he believes you’ll be just fine. 

“I keep it super simple this time of year,” Walters said. “I’m either going to use red (Ike’s Demon), chartreuse (Ike’s Old School) or shad (Ike’s Disco Shad). Those colors cover everything I need. I’ll use the red color within a few days of a full moon and whenever I’m targeting rock or clay banks, I’ll use chartreuse in muddy water and stick with natural shad in cleaner water. That’s as complicated as I make it.”