Overall fit and performance

fisherman wearing a rain suit

I have been really impressed with the fit of the Rapala RAIN Pro Rain Jacket and Bibs. Rapala has a sizing chart to help you select the perfect suit to fit your body’s measurements, but basically they run pretty true to what they should. For instance, if you wear an XL t-shirt, you’re likely good to go with an XL in the Rain Jacket. The range for the XL in the bibs is a 38- to 41-inch waist. I went with an XL in both the jacket and the bibs. I actually wear pants with a 36-inch waist and mostly wear XL T-shirts.

The XL has worked out perfectly for me to do what I wanted it to do. This rain suit is what I would call a shell, versus a heavily insulated suit. I actually prefer a shell like this so that I can wear it year-round to protect against the rain without it being too hot in the summer. In order for this to work when it’s cold though, it needs to be big enough for me to wear a hoody and a thick pair of pants underneath it in the winter. But not so big that I can’t wear it comfortably over a t-shirt and shorts in the summer as well.

For me (and my dad who’s modeling the suit in these pics), the XL is the perfect fit for that. Rapala offers this suit in six sizes ranging from small to 3XL in both the bibs and the jacket.